Pumpkins, Skulls & Webinars

The days are becoming greyer and darker, the shops are full of pumpkins and skeleton adorned items and it’s beginning to feel very autumnal. It’s a wonderful time of the year for many but also can be incredibly hard and tough for many more. I am writing this on Mental Health Awareness Day and it seems appropriate to reach out again to say if anyone needs to chat then I’m more than happy for them to drop me a message or an email. Reach out to others when you’re struggling.

The spooky season and month of the dead festivities are in full swing now, I’ve already attended two online talks which have been absolutely fascinating and thought provoking. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen the interesting facts discussed about the plagues of the medieval period or death being portrayed in art throughout different periods. It’s not too late to grab tickets for talks, sadly but safely the cemetery tours have been cancelled but you can enjoy spookiness from the comfort of your own home.

I am overly smug about being able to attend talks in my pyjamas

At work I have been covering the other hospital for the past week which brings its own challenges of working on your own and looking after a scaled down version of the other hospital. I like being able to manage my own time and as an only child I am quite comfortable in my own company. Occasionally it’s difficult to balance a ringing phone, a chiming doorbell and the other work but it’s easy to prioritise things manageably. Working there does mean that I do not participate in the post mortems of the week but once I return in the afternoon I do get involved in the cleaning process. Having weeks like this in the mix of things are good and certainly add to the complexity of no two days of my job being the same.

This coming Tuesday Rachel and I are hosting the October Zoom Death Cafe which I am hoping to be yet another excellent meet. I have some new faces interested which is awesome and I’m excited to see everyone again. If you’d like to come along you are very welcome, get in touch via the contact page!

Details for the October Zoom Death Cafe

Something very exciting that was announced this week was an AAPT (Association of Anatomical Pathology Technologists) webinar that I am participating in. The webinar is covering how to become an APT and the training process which I am going to be talking about. I’m really looking forward to taking part, there will be a great talk from Michelle Williams who wrote the book Down Among The Dead Men and also a Q&A with two other experienced APTs Lisa Cooney and Robert Cast. If you’d like to book a place, spaces are limited to 100, and find out more then click here.

That’s all from me, I hope you have a nice Sunday!

MG x

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