363 Days to Halloween!

Just joking, kind of, because I did have a wonderful Halloween this year. It seemed that instead of staying home and waiting for the kids to knock for sweets, I could think of better and more pandemic friendly ways of celebrating this year. I’ve actually had the best Halloween I’ve had in years. Spooky season isn’t for everyone, but if it is then I hope you had a good one too.

I’ve been getting to work quite early of late, for various reasons, and when I arrived on Friday one of the porters had drawn a pumpkin on our whiteboard. Plus my other colleagues had arrived early too, including one who had bought all the Halloween treats and snacks she could. Now I’m not amazing at drawing but I’m okay so I took it upon myself to make our whiteboard as spooky and cute as possible. Pretty happy with my vague attempts at cute characters, but I definitely wish I’d had more time to draw a more anatomically correct skeleton!

A little peak at my bat and spider friend!

We supported a local business called Nanny Violet’s Jams for lunch and ordered a Halloween cream tea each which we were all very excited about. I must admit, if you get a chance to try the pumpkin scone with toffee apple jam and clotted cream you will in no way regret it. It is possibly one of the nicest things I have eaten in my life, plus all the other insanely cute and spooky treats that came alongside it.

I could eat it all again, and again, and again…

In the evening I then went with Rachel who I host Death Cafe with and our other friend to Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park for a lamplight tour hosted by Sheldon and Sacha of Cemetery Club. Most of you know there is nowhere I would rather be than a Victorian cemetery, and at nighttime with lamps hearing stories about the people there was just absolutely perfect. We heard all about six of the inhabitants there, and I learnt some amazing things about East London where I live.

I wish I could wander a cemetery hearing tales of the deceased every evening

Obviously, yesterday was slightly marred by the announcement that England is to head back into full lockdown restrictions from Thursday. It made my husband and I dash down to our favourite pub where we went to after our wedding in August so we could help them out a bit. They only opened early this year and have spent more time as a takeaway facility than an actual open pub I believe. You can take home their wares in milk bottles they provide for 30p, well worth when they have real ales from a number of local breweries.

It’s a tough time for us all, I really feel for all the people on furlough and who’s work has dramatically changed by working from home. Please remember that it’s okay to not be okay, and to reach out to others if you need to. As we head into winter, the fact we have no idea what lies ahead is awful and terrifying for a number of us. One thing I have found is to take each day one at a time.

Lastly, tomorrow is November’s Zoom Drath Cafe with Rachel and I. It’s really snuck up on us this time and I’ve not had much time to think about it really but I’m looking forward to seeing what we discuss. If you would like to join or are interested in finding out more please get in touch.

Take care everyone,
MG x

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