Fighting Mortuary Malaise

It has been a strange week, mostly in the fact that it has not been very strange at all which can only raise suspicions in 2020. After discussing with most of my colleagues, we confirmed that there is a general feeling of weariness among us all but it is alongside this general feeling of unease about what lies ahead. I can only describe it as feeling discomfort around how it is currently fine but knowing that it may not be fine and not being able to enjoy the time when it is fine. I guess a lot of people feel that way at the moment about everything, if anything 2020 has taught us it is that nothing is certain and the unexpected can leap out at us whenever. I don’t know about you, but these monoliths popping up everywhere are interesting yet causing a mild panic in me, for what reason I have no idea.

This week I covered our other hospital in the mornings as it was my turn, I like being there for the change of scenery and also, as many of you know, because there are windows with actual daylight. I don’t feel quite so nocturnal on my weeks over there, and now we also have two people over there to manage the busier days better so it’s not quite so lonely. When you work on your own it can be hard to keep on top of the phone, doorbells (there’s two) and the other tasks you need to, but two people make this a lot easier and also ensure that somehow we get to have a cup of tea mid morning. Although, I have eaten an enormous amount of biscuits this week for this reason also.

I took this selfie on the staff bus and I don’t remember why

Every year for the past few years advent has meant trying to find the most interesting advent calendar, but also has meant the advent running challenge. My now sister-in-law introduced me to the concept, it involves running 1.1 miles every day from December 1st to 24th so that by Christmas Day you have completed just over a marathon in that time. I am yet to succeed with always life, illness or something else getting in the way (possibly just plain not wanting to do it counts as something else!). Last year in 2019 I was committed and even ran on the hotel treadmill when I was in Berlin but I came down with a virus in the week after my trip and couldn’t face the exercise. This year, I am renewed with optimism, particularly feeling that if I can do this any year it will be the awfulness that is 2020. Plus in theory there’s no Christmas parties or events that should get in the way either. It’s Day 5 and I’m at 5.5 miles in total, over a fifth of the way through. If you want daily updates of how that is going you can see on my Instagram stories @mortuarygem.

I was not exactly happy to start this year but not feeling quite so negative now

On Tuesday we had a lovely delivery of a delicious hamper from a company called Nanny Violets Jams who had gifted it to us as a Christmas treat. We ordered our Halloween afternoon tea from this company which you all saw before, and I think we will now be ordering a Christmas afternoon tea too. Food really is one thing that has kept me going this year, although I’ve gone up a scrub size or two, I can’t be angry because it’s given me and so many others such joy. From home baking, to takeaways, to Christmas food, whatever it is just enjoy it.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit I ate quite a lot of that brie

As I mentioned last week, I’ve taken up a new hobby with a needle and thread which I am oddly enjoying and finding rather satisfying. This week I took to a new project with it, designing my own little pattern on a scrap of fabric I had. I’m thinking about framing it and putting it up at work in the tea room if it turns out okay, I don’t think I would every be good enough or want to make these for other people but I can share them at work. I’ve also been dipping in and out of episodes of Angel, I’m now about halfway through Season 1. I forgot about some of the episodes and had forgotten a lot of the story lines so it’s actually quite nice to see it all again. I’m not very good at relaxing or switching off, my brain is always thinking of things I need to do but I am trying to take and hour or two every evening to do this.

Can you tell what I’m poorly stitching?

Looking ahead, next week is quite a busy week with a few different Zoom meetings and potentially presenting an online talk to some students which I am nervously excited about. It’s also my Mum’s birthday next week and this will be the first year in many that we won’t be going to the pub to celebrate sadly. Like with everything this year, things are a little different, but I am sure we will figure something out and make the most of what we can do. That’s about all from my update this week, it’s been a strange but unusually quiet one. Hope you are all well, and I’ll be back midweek with something interesting.

MG x

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