The Heat Is On

As I type this I have a semi-awful state of sunburn going on which is making me feel incredibly crunchy. Like a true British person, I cannot help but discuss the weather we have experienced recently because we’ve hit one of those extremes which we all talk about. It’s hot. Maybe not as hot as some other places, maybe not considered that hot by some people, but for me and my very pale skin I’m simply roasting inside my own body. It’s making for a lot of lethargy and for a lot of complaining. I hope that you are enjoying this weather a lot more than me!

That aside, I did still manage to walk to work once in the past week. I made sure to give myself a pat on the back for that one. Although I didn’t even try to walk home considering I think I would have burnt into oblivion by the time I was halfway. Continuing too in the theme of weekly injuries, I was sporting a lovely huge red bump on my arm for most of the week I seemed to have acquired while walking through the forest with my dog. I must taste nice to insects because a few days later I got another bite on my other arm too. Every year I long for the summer, the sunshine and the hazy days, but I seem to forget that I spend most of summer covered in gnat bites and glowing red in any exposed place.


This week we had a brilliant Pride balloon archway installed in the atrium of the hopsital. Although I’m known to never leave the safety of the basement, I snuck up into the natural light with a colleague and took some photos. I’m really enjoying seeing the photos of other staff under the arch and it makes me happy to think that it makes a great statement to anyone who comes to our hospital with a fear of not being accepted for who they are.

Happy Pride 🌈

Outside of work, Rachel and I hosted our first face to face Death Cafe since 2019 in the absolutely incredible surroundings of the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. Tower Hamlets is one of the Magnificent Seven Victorian cemeteries that were built around London to enable the city to cope with the number of dead. I have a special love for this cemetery, not just because I used to see it from the train when I commuted into London but also because I think it is the one of the seven with the most to discover and learn about. The park is a wildlife reserve which boasts being the most wooded area in the city, it is a little haven in the hustle and bustle that is incredible to escape to.

We had a blast and enjoyed a small wander through the park after.

The Death Cafe was a brilliant event, it felt like such a privilidge to bring together local people with some of our regular attendees and discuss amazing topics while being in a shaded meadow surrounded by gravestones. For anyone who’s been before, I think it was great to be able to take part in a wonderful place and for anyone new it was a great way to be introduced to the concept and the discussions taking place. There were a few hitches but nothing serious, we were just interrupted by the overhead planes and the local corvid population at various stages. How rude of them! Of course I jest, and it was just so lovely to be able to host and event like that. I really hope that we are able to do it again, and perhaps have a regular event with the park.

Lastly, this week saw a momentous occasion! I reached my 5th time giving blood, something that I don’t just do for the snacks but it does help. I decided to start giving blood when I was writing a ’30 things to do before I turn 30′ list. It was something I had always been a little scared of and hugely admired in others, so I decided that I would have a go. Once would be enough to find out if I was comfortable doing it and then if it was something I wanted to do regularly. Turns out I love doing my bit and helping because I can. Last time in 2019 when I tried to give, I actually wasn’t able to because of having quite a bad time with anaemia but luckily I’m a lot healthier now and passed the initial tests. NHSBT (NHS Blood & Transplant) are in desperate need of donors, and struggling to meet demands with venues being taken up by vaccination centres or under strict social distancing. If you are able to donate, and it doesn’t absolutley freak you out then why not sign up today?

MG x

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