An Introduction to Dying Matters And The Dying Matters Awareness Week

A year ago or so, Rachel and I were getting excited and nervous about hosting our first Death Cafe. We have come so far since then and I’m so proud of us for approaching our year anniversary! The reason why we decided to host the event in May was to coincide with the Dying Matters Awareness Week 2018. I’m sure I explained at the time what this was but I would like to do so again for all the readers I have gained in the past year.

Dying Matters ( is an organisation which can only be described at massively death positive. It spans England and Wales, encouraging people to discuss more openly death and dying, alongside all the bits associated. Every year, they host an awareness week where events are held across the countries to highlight the chosen theme of the year. Many organisations such as hospitals, hospices and libraries get involved and host all kinds of events.

For 2019, the theme is Are We Ready? and focuses on the fact we should be talking about death well before we have to or are forced to. We should have made plans well before we die and it’s not something many people know how to do. Hence, this year’s awareness week is the perfect opportunity to get involved and find out more.

I’m pleased to say I’ll be involved in the events at my place of work, hosting my own regular Death Cafe and also helping out at another Death Cafe for another NHS organisation for staff members. At BHRUT there will be two days, Tuesday the 14th at King George Hospital and Thursday 16th at Queen’s Hospital. There will be many stalls with chances to speak to representatives from many places such as funeral directors or hospices and also a Death Cafe between 12.30-13.30 each day. I’m so excited to see what this week will bring and what people will discuss at the events. I’m also attending a few other events myself at other venues which I will update you all on after. It’s set to be a fun, death filled week for me and I can’t wait!

If you are interested in these events or would like to know more please get in touch!

MG x

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