Spooky Season Begins!

It has been too long again, but if you keep up with my social media accounts you’ll see I was off wandering about in the rain for the past week in the wonderful North Devon countryside. I wish I had more to report from that week in regards to places visited but I really did take the time to relax and not do a lot at all. I paid a visit to the beautiful cemetery in Combe Martin but that really was about it. Unless you’d like to hear about how awesome I am at riding a Segway but I feel like that is a story for another day.

I thought I would just take the chance for a brief update and some things ahead to look forward to. We are fully in Autumn now, I am writing this wearing a cardigan, scarf and fluffy slippers. This can only mean one thing, which is Halloween is close and some really fun things start to kick off. Firstly, the London Month of the Dead which is set to be brilliant this year. Check out all the events on the link provided, many have sold out but I am hoping to be at as many as my schedule and bank balance will allow.

On the Death Cafe event front, there is one this week on Tuesday 15th October at King George Hospital and the Upminster Death Cafe is at the gorgeous Sweet Rose Cakery on Tuesday 22nd October. Details of all my Death Cafe events can be found here and please do get in touch if you are thinking of coming along but have questions or concerns.

I am also trying to get stuck into revision for my fourth and final exam, while finishing off my fourth (& final!) assessment. On top of that, gearing up compiling evidence for my portfolio in time for February. All while real life stuff like planning a wedding and squeezing in another little trip away before the end of the year too. Possibly some other exciting things I have forgotten or can’t tell you all about yet also. Looks like there’s no rest for me for a while!

I’ll finish on a final note, it was World Mental Health Awareness Week last week and it just so happened I had one of my worst mental health days on that day. A huge reminder that when you think things are just great, your mental health can be one of the weakest things in your life too just like the times that are not so great. It is lovely to see all the people out there reaching out with messages of support and prompting conversations with others. I have said it before many times but I’ll say it again, I am here to listen to anyone who needs it.

Keep an eye out for future updates throughout the month as they may come thick and fast with everything that is going on.

MG x

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