Pancakes, Snow & Rainbows

The last week of February has been an eventful one, seems impossible that February is nearly done and I still in my 32nd year cannot be certain I am spelling Feburary correctly each time I write it. I’ll be grateful for an easier month like March and hopefully some brighter, warmer days ahead.

The mortuary has been buzzing with different things this week, we’ve had our regular training sessions with the nurses and healthcare assistants, plus a trainee pathologist with us for a couple of days to watch some post mortems. The work has been steady with a large number of funeral directors coming and going each day, generally it’s been a standard Winter week with the usual monitoring of capacity and keeping on top of our workload.

My favourite day in the first half of the year, Pancake Day, came and went on Tuesday. I kept going on at work about how much I loved Pancake Day so I was challenged by a colleague to make skull shaped pancakes. I had a go, and they aren’t Pinterest worthy but I’m kind of proud of the result. Maybe next year I can move onto brain shapes or anatomically correct heart shapes. Maybe I’ll just stick to rubbish skulls.

Kind of a skull if you squint and ignore the really bad one in the middle

On Thursday it snowed and I was grateful to be at our other mortuary with windows in the office where I could sit and look at the snow falling outside. It didn’t settle around London but it was pretty to look at. Our office there is toasty and warm, the rest of the mortuary isn’t really cold either but I seem to always be freezing. I even have a blanket in the office at our main mortuary because I’m always so cold. My manager likes to tell me to ‘Move more!’ when I’m cold but sometimes you can’t if you need to work on the computer for a while for example so then you will normally find me under my blanket huddled at the desk.

Snow falling in the little bit of outside I can see during the day

On Thursday a work friend also visited the mortuary and left me a copy of The Telegraph Magazine from early February with a very good discussion of the rising costs of funerals plus why we need to talk more about death. It’s exactly what I am discussing on a podcast I recorded today and great to see more stuff like this in the media.

I LOVE this front cover

Friday myself and a colleague took the time to visit the LGBT+ History stand in the hospital atrium which marked the end of the month celebrating for our staff and patients who identify as part of the LGBT+ community. I find it very important to wear my rainbow badge (and now lanyard when I can) around the hospital to show people that they do not need to be afraid of speaking about this with others including myself. I’m more than happy to discuss this with people, which I think is important. Like with death and other subjects people tend to avoid, talking about these will alleviate any confusion and concerns people may have from any lack of knowledge and widen the acceptance of them.

Had to take a selfie with the stand in the atrium

This weekend I am mostly trying to work through my to do list and also find time to relax when my brain and body clearly don’t want to. I find it so hard to relax it’s stupid. My counsellor’s latest advice was to buy an oil burner and take some time to chill out so that’s what I’ll be doing. Or trying to do. Wish me luck.

MG x

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